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In your uniqueness lies your greatness. All bodies look different, heal different, train different. I am passionate about creating a space where women in all seasons of life can fall deeper in love with themselves and fitness.

It is a joy for me to be a witness to others finding beauty in themselves and taking care of themselves especially in a world so demanding of our time and attention.

Taking time to love on ourselves, is worship to the Father who first loved us, and an act of love to those around us. We can’t live or love fully if we are not creating the space we need to be strong.



My passion for helping women find joy in movement is deeply rooted. I will often reflect on my childhood: memories of running aimlessly until giddy and breathless, exploration, wild joy. There is freedom found in movement when we are able to rest in who the Lord says we are — beautiful and beloved.

Health and fitness for me used to look like extreme regimen and constant discontentment with my body and energy. Reflecting on a hiking trip to summit Mt. LeCont, my body was in such a state of depletion that I wasn't able to enjoy it. We are meant to richly nourish our bodies through food and to find joy in movement. The Lord has taken me on a journey of healing and learning what health truly means: beauty in strength, grace and gratitude for your body, enjoyment, and living a balanced life. I have since gone on many hiking ventures, serving as an assistant trail guide for a season. My favorite, being the Emigrant wilderness, ending days of hiking by swimming in beautifully clear lakes.

As for additional aspects of my personality and interests: I thrive in nature and love to paint earthy landscapes, simplicity and authenticity are important to me, I love a big quilt and a candlelight reading session, I dream of sitting in a creek and soaking up the sun for hours, my husband tells me I’m sassy at least once a day, we have two cats named Honey and Sage, family and friends are invaluable to me, creamy coffee every day, and I aspire to be an adult who climbs trees.

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